Maintain a chimney

Maintain a chimney

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Having a fireplace is a considerable asset. The latter brings cachet and warmth to your home, in an economical and ecological way. Even if having a fireplace is beneficial, it requires daily maintenance on an ad hoc basis. A well maintained chimney will not only be secure but more ecological and more efficient. Maintenance of stones, glass, fireplace or sweeping, you want to know how to maintain your fireplace? Here are our tips.

Professional maintenance of a fireplace

If you have a fireplace, and you use it, you should have it professionally maintained. The maintenance of a fireplace is done in summer. Depending on the region, a prefectural decree may impose two sweepings per year. A professional comes to your home and performs a duct inspection. A sweeping is carried out in order to evacuate the residues of soot and tar. The maintenance of a chimney is, by law, compulsory. In fact, a poorly maintained chimney can be the source of carbon monoxide poisoning. Today, some insurance companies even impose the maintenance of chimneys twice a year. Choose your professional for the maintenance of your fireplace. The latter must be approved and guarantee its services. After each sweeping, he must give you a document to provide to the insurance or to your landlord if you are a tenant.

Cleaning a chimney

The maintenance of a chimney also involves regular cleaning, even daily in winter. First, it is essential to remove all the ashes. To clean the stone, use a brush and a vacuum cleaner. If that's not enough you can turn to natural cleaning products such as baking soda, white vinegar, soda crystals or black soap. The glass of your chimney must be cleaned every day, in winter, with moistened newspaper. The window is always cold washed. If the glass is very dirty, you can use a blade designed for cleaning the hobs. The use of cleaning products requires vigilance. Indeed, the products are often corrosive and toxic. Be sure to rinse your glass thoroughly after cleaning and always wear gloves. Maintenance products can affect the tightness of door seals. Be aware that these seals should be frequently cleaned, checked and even changed. The ventilation grille must be regularly vacuumed and cleaned in order to allow a good diffusion of the heat while minimizing the projection of soot dust in the house.

Protect a chimney

Know that you can protect the stones or bricks that make up your fireplace by applying a colorless wax. Always favor products intended for fireplaces, these are designed to withstand heat and are perfectly secure. To remove the excess soot or tar present in your chimney and your conduits, but also to clean your window, you can use catalytic sweeping. The product is sold in powder form and, as the name suggests, creates a catalytic cleaning action.