Red Edition and retro furniture

Red Edition and retro furniture

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Passionate about decoration, Cyril Laborde founded Red Edition in 2006, after several years spent in Vietnam. Surrounded by genius designers, he succeeds in bringing the retro style to its peak. Rich colors, noble materials, simplicity and craftsmanship are the character traits of Red Edition furniture. The collections inspired by the 1950s are nonetheless very current, fitting perfectly with the contemporary style.

The birth of Red Edition

After several years spent in Vietnam, Cyril Laborde returns to France. In search of furniture from the 50s, he finds that it is rare. It is no longer inhabited by a single desire: to create retro furniture using the expertise of talented Vietnamese artisans. At this time, he met David Hodkinson, an English designer who shared this same passion for fifties. The brand's first pieces of furniture were produced in 2006. They consisted of the dresser, the sideboard and the nesting tables, which were dazzlingly successful. Since then, Red Edition has continued to enrich its collections, each one inspired by everyday life. The label also creates custom furniture - retro style but not only - for hotel establishments.

Talented collaborations

Cyril Laborde is surrounded by a team of passionate creators designers and architects, in love with simplicity and aesthetics such as David Hodkinson of course, but also Anne-Laure Lesquoy, Marie Macon or even Sabrina Ficarra, artistic director of Red Edition. Cyril Laborde also calls on the talent of illustrators like Tof. This real beehive animated by a common love for beautiful materials and their association pays a magnificent tribute to retro design without ever copying it. Moreover, the label continues to rely on the talent of Vietnamese craftsmen for the creation of sumptuous handmade lacquers that replace the formica of yesteryear. Red Edition makes it a point of honor to create high-end furniture accessible to all.

The contrast of materials

The special feature of the Red Edition collections is that it combines matt wood with glossy lacquers. The contrast is also highlighted by the marriage of colors. The tables are adorned with lacquered fiber trays and legs of different species such as solid oak. The sofas combine noble wood with mottled fabrics, the dressers elegantly combine oak and bamboo while the interior of the drawers is fully lacquered. Buffets and sideboards are inspired by the dresser of the 50s. Drawing on his experience, Cyril Laborde today reaches an even wider audience by offering children's furniture, decorative objects full of poetry like the bubbles of the Nua collection, textile coverings and rugs The art of the table is also in the catalog.

Red Edition, functional furniture above all

Red Edition furniture isn't just beautiful. Cyril Laborde and his collaborators also want it functional, essential on a daily basis. Thanks to this peculiarity, Red Edition does not only appeal to a generation of nostalgics but on the contrary an audience of all ages. Especially since each piece of the label fits perfectly into any interior to give everyone the possibility of singularizing their home. Our practical table decoration videos