What supports for my candles?

What supports for my candles?

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Candles are real allies to decorate the house. And if their aesthetics are often enough in itself, it is still possible to sublimate them with a pretty candle holder. Very warm, they can also be gently placed in a tealight holder which will diffuse the light differently, ideal for creating a subdued atmosphere.


Classic or contemporary, the candlesticks have a small effect on our decor. Integrated into our interiors for chandeliers, they adapt to all styles and all rooms. In glass, they bring a lot of elegance and refinement to a table decoration for example. In a more modern style, we like the raw wood or colored versions of Ferm Living that we install without depriving ourselves on the sideboard or the coffee table in the living room.

Tealight holders

Unlike the candle holder that supports the candle, the tealight holder contains it. Since once installed, it is not visible, except for transparent models, it becomes the decorative element in its own right. We advise you to opt for an openwork metal tealight holder or on a white porcelain model in the shape of a very trendy house this season.


Candles can also be improvised centerpieces. For this we choose a large glass cup that we fill with water and put on floating candles. To create an original composition, we opt for a cut in the shape of a boat or stars that we decorate in addition to flowers for a spring and nature spirit. Our practical decoration videos