Wood combines with metal for a winning duo

Wood combines with metal for a winning duo

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Since the industrial style has become a strong trend in our interiors, we have seen an amazing marriage of natural materials appear with other industrialists, namely wood and metal. For a unique style, these two materials offer many decorative possibilities. Zoom on a winning duo.

Industrial style as inspiration

The industrial style is directly inspired by the 1950s when industrialization was then very strong. During this period, many functional pieces of furniture were made for use in factories. We see in particular the appearance of metal stools, lockers or large wooden worktops. These materials are mainly adopted for their high resistance and their functional aspect. The wood is often quite raw and the brushed metal takes on patinated aspects for an aged effect. The craze for the industrial style is reborn with the loft trend which appropriates abandoned factories to make them large open dwellings. The retro aspect is also very popular with a reminder of the classrooms of yesteryear for example.

Decorative possibilities

As you can see, the furniture that combines wood with metal ideally finds its place in an industrial interior. You will then have two possibilities: opt for furniture that includes the wood / metal association or create yourself a decor that combines these two materials. We particularly appreciate a table or a sideboard with a metal base and a wooden top, but we prefer all-metal chairs that can be combined with a raw wood table. Metal furniture can also have a small effect by installing it on a rough floor. Do not hesitate to also bet on accessories that give style. Think of an architect's lamp or a large metal clock. It should also be borne in mind that this combination will also be very suitable for a stripped-down interior with a very designer style. On the other hand, depending on the pieces chosen, this mixture can also suit a more classic style by choosing less raw wood and wrought iron. It all depends on the mood you want to create.

Where to find industrial furniture that combines wood and metal?

Of course the ideal and play the recovery card! You can then skim the flea markets and other garage sales to find vintage pieces that have been recovered in factories. Be careful, however, as this type of furniture is very trendy, prices sometimes soar, especially when the pieces are atypical. The good news is that many decoration stores offer furniture inspired by this trend. Thus, you will have no trouble finding lockers or chairs in metal and wood of industrial inspiration at Maisons du monde or AM.PM. You will even find furniture that you will have a hard time looking for such as headboards or coffee tables at Fly. Also remember to turn to brands that reissue their furniture as is the case with Tolix metal tables and chairs.