Quilt on the walls!

Quilt on the walls!

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If you like the quilt on Chesterfield furniture, chances are you will like it on the walls of your home too. And yes, the quilt effect seizes the wallpaper to give a very warm relief to our walls.

The decoration star capiton

If the capiton first made its comeback on leather furniture, it is now available on wallpapers and wall stickers to create a very decorative trompe l'oeil effect in our interiors. It will then be ideal to sublimate a door or squarely on a section of wall. The wall surface then takes on relief and seems soft and warm thanks to the leather effect of the quilt. It is a safe bet for warming up an interior.

Choose your style

On the style side, you should know that the quilting can create various atmospheres. Thus, you can give a very glamorous style to a room by betting on pink, red or black capiton but it will also be possible to create a very masculine atmosphere in a living room with brown, beige or black wallpaper. And for a theatrical style, it will be necessary to bet on a red capiton which will recall the color of the curtains of the theaters. Do not hesitate to complete the decor with a beautiful leather Chesterfield sofa or to bet on decorative accessories that embrace this trend like poufs, headboards or even chairs thanks to digital printing.