What is a coated paneling?

What is a coated paneling?

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Answer: composed of a mixture of wood fibers coated with imitation wood paper or veneer, it is less expensive than solid wood.

This new generation of paneling adapts to any interior. The mixture of wood fibers or chipboard that composes it is covered with an infinite number of decorative paper sheets or veneers of various wood species. Solid colors or raw wood, from oak to fir, the coated paneling perfectly imitates raw or stained wood, at a very lower cost. Its implementation is the same as for a traditional paneling, studded on a frame or glued. Formerly limited to non-humid rooms because of poor water resistance, the coated paneling is now available in a water-repellent version. Easy to saw and offered in an already finished version, you do not need to treat, tint or varnish after installation. An appreciable saving of time and an impeccable result immediately. An ideal material for renovating or restyling a room. You too, send us your DIY question.