What is a day-night contactor?

What is a day-night contactor?

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Answer: the day-night contactor allows the water heater to be triggered at night during off-peak hours in order to save energy.

A day-night switch makes it possible to connect a water heater to an electrical panel. When switching to off-peak hours, the contactor will start the water heater automatically, provided that you have signed a contract for the off-peak option with your electricity supplier, of course. In this way, thanks to the connector, your water heater will produce hot water overnight at a lower cost, ensuring you have hot water in the morning and especially to save money on your electricity bill. It goes without saying that the day-night contactor only works on electric water heaters, it is not suitable for gas water heaters. Day-night connectors can be found in specialized stores from € 20. You too, send us your brico question