Mistakes to avoid in lighting the child's room

Mistakes to avoid in lighting the child's room

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In a child's room, lighting is just as important as in other rooms of the house. It must indeed be adapted to the different activities of children while providing them with a warm room. To help you choose the lighting for the child's room, we suggest you discover some mistakes to avoid.

Do not choose too bright lighting

The children's room should be a cocoon of softness, avoiding too bright or dazzling lighting which would give a too raw atmosphere to the room. Prefer therefore a suspension with a bulb not too strong and opt especially for a lampshade that will dim the lighting throughout the room. For children, you will find many funny models that will participate in the decor of the room. There are stuffed animals, clouds or even lampshades with the image of their favorite heroes.

Do not opt ​​for a single suspension

Once the suspension that will give the main lighting chosen, do not stop on this good path! Indeed, for good lighting, and this in any room, it is recommended to multiply the light points so that each corner of the room has good light but also to create a decorative effect. If your child has a desk, for example, it will be necessary to install a lamp with good power in order not to tire the eyes during homework. Likewise, if your child is used to reading before sleeping, be sure to equip him with a good bedside lamp, opting if possible for a swivel model to ensure him maximum reading comfort.

Don't neglect lighting for sleep

If the lighting in the child's room is important when it gets dark, it is also important in the middle of the night when your child is sleeping. Indeed, the little ones are often afraid of the dark and sometimes have nightmares that wake them up in the middle of the night. To reassure them when falling asleep and in the event of night awakening, one puts on a pilot which will diffuse a very light light in the part without disturbing the sleep of the child. Note that there are children's shapes that little ones will love. On the technical side, prefer a LED night light to avoid excessive energy consumption. Finally, if your child only needs a night light to fall asleep, you will find models with a timer to turn it off after a certain time.

Don't forget security issues

The lighting in the child's bedroom must be particularly taken care of from the safety point of view. So, always make sure that your electrical system is up to standard and that the wires do not obstruct the passage for example. Then always choose lamps whose access to the bulb is protected to avoid burns if your child touches the lamp. Also, never place a cloth to dim the light from a lampshade as the cloth could catch fire due to the heat.