Home appliances made in France: who to trust?

Home appliances made in France: who to trust?

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Between the announcement of the closure of the Revin factory and the buzz of the Minister for productive recovery in stripes and rocking a Moulinex blender, I wondered about household appliances made in France, and in particular large household appliances. I am far from being a specialist on the subject and to know the main sites of implantation in France in large household appliances, I mainly based on the local press, the websites of the brands but also on the portal of savings and finance. What is interesting is that I made the path of an average consumer, certainly a little relentless, who wants to buy household appliances made in France. A priori, one can easily find large household appliances made in France since since May 2011, the France Origin Guaranteed Label allows "to give consumers clear information on the origin of a product" (Source: The portal of the 'Economy and Finance). A link then leads me to the list of companies labeled by the Veritas office dating from March 2012. This list indicates the activity, the product category, the company, the place of main working, the brand of the product and the range of product.

Household appliances made in France, really?

It is by consulting this list that the trouble appeared because, at the same time, I recovered several press articles suggesting that several production sites concerned no longer worked certain brands (for example, AFP indicates that the Revin Electrolux site no longer manufactures Faure washing machines since 2010, information taken up by many newspapers like the 20 Minutes) or had considerably reduced their production. Since the list does not indicate the French manufacturing models, we can therefore very well buy a product of large household appliances on the basis of this list but which will however be manufactured in Poland. I was particularly interested in the Faure washing machines of the Electrolux group since some sources indicated that they were no longer manufactured in France while they are still part of the list of labeled companies. Who to believe?

The journey of a Lambda consumer

So I called CEDEF (Center de Documentation Economies et Finance) which a priori advises me to trust Bureau Veritas but also to write them an email explaining my approach so that they can do other research. By the way, I am congratulated for my civic spirit. I then phone the Electrolux press service, which cannot answer my questions and who will forward the request to Electrolux so that someone can call me back. I then phone Bureau Veritas, again the person concerned is not there, she will call me later. Finally I decide to call Revin's site directly and there I come across the guardian! The factory is closed today and he is spending his day on the phone given the news that has fallen. I tell myself that I might be luckier with the Electrolux consumer service… which does not respond when the opening hours correspond. I end up calling the association Pro France which is in some way responsible for the Label Origine France Garantie, I came across a very competent person but who ultimately could not really answer my question, however simple, of consumer: How to know which models are really made in France? He advised me to call on the agency of the Veritas office to effectively know the models affected by this label. The same agency that still hasn't called back.

What I learned from it

Hang on tight if you want to find Made In France appliances, especially on the Internet since few e-commerce sites highlight the place of manufacture. The Label Origine France Garantie is not precise enough and does not allow us to know the models concerned, even if a priori we can trust the label as soon as it is on the product (and finally there remains only the label to prove to us that the product is indeed French). Basically, and I prefer that, AFP would have disseminated false information by announcing that the Faure washing machines had been relocated entirely to Poland in 2010. Or then the household appliances made in France is not as French as that?