Scottish patterns to warm the living room

Scottish patterns to warm the living room

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To add warmth to your living room, nothing like the Scottish motif. These tiles and its pleasant colors are sure to transform your interior for the fall. Explanations.

What is the Scottish motif?

At the base, this checkered pattern with crossed horizontal and vertical lines settles on the tartan, a woolen cloth that is used for kilts. Today, we find this pattern on many other fabrics for a very British spirit. Know that in Scotland, the Scottish motif is mainly composed of colors like red, green or blue and that you will have to turn to these colors for a traditional Scottish style. On the other hand, for a more contemporary but no less warm look, you can opt for colors like gray, beige, white and black.

How to warm up your interior with the Scottish motif?

The Scottish motif will bring a touch of conviviality and warmth specific to the British atmosphere in the blink of an eye. Also, you don't need a lot of accessories. You can opt for a thick plaid, cushions to transform the sofa or curtains to caulk inside. You will understand, the idea is to use this pattern on some textile pieces of the living room. But if you want to go further in the Scottish style, you can also treat yourself to a sofa entirely covered with Scottish fabric or even a wallpaper or a carpet presenting this motif. If you choose a strong piece, then be sure to opt for a fairly neutral decoration while keeping one of the colors of the pattern as a link.