What is solar glazing for?

What is solar glazing for?

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Answer: produce hot water, provide air conditioning and insulation for the house.

Between ecology and economy, solar glazing is a product and a technology. It is used to make the house of tomorrow, because it produces hot water while insulating your rooms. It is a window composed of double glazing which incorporates solar panels. Solar collectors and reflectors are positioned within the double glazing. The sensors concentrate the heat of the sun, and can thus produce hot water which is routed to your water heater or heating system. The reflectors block part of the rays to avoid excessive heat in the room. They allow this glazing to provide insulation equivalent to that of a low energy house wall. The installation is identical to that of conventional glazing. You just have to add the sensor connection. Solar glass is also designed to filter UV and infrared radiation. You too, send us your brico question