What colors should be given for a contemporary tree?

What colors should be given for a contemporary tree?

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For this Christmas, choose fantasy and originality. Revolutionize the Christmas spirit by changing the color codes and traditional Christmas balls. Pastel appears in Christmas tree ornaments for your enjoyment. Treat yourself to a gourmet Christmas with pastel and tasty decorations. For a refined and precious tree, prefer gold to illuminate your decoration. Atypical and modern, adopt the Christmas tree sticker that does not lose its needles.

A gourmet Christmas tree

In pastel tones, decorate between powder pink, almond green and lemon yellow. Modern and trendy, the pastel-colored Christmas tree brings a touch of tenderness to your interior. These delicious colors catch the eye and revisit the Christmas decoration in a light and tender spirit. The Christmas tree is dressed not only in pastel but also in gourmet ornaments for your enjoyment. Pastel colors are also accompanied by tasty decorative elements, to eat with your eyes. Cupcakes, macaroons, vanilla-strawberry logs take over the Christmas tree. Whipped cream, icing sugar and marshmallow make up this farandole of gourmet desserts in the fir tree. This Christmas decoration excites the senses and creates surprise. The gourmet Christmas tree pays homage to gastronomy and sweet desserts for a chewable Christmas.

A white and gold Christmas tree

Make way for originality for the Christmas holidays with the appearance of white and gold fir. The golden color takes over the Christmas tree with golden pendants and gold leaf pendant lights. Nature then imagines itself in gold in order to sublimate the purity of the white of the Christmas tree. The ornaments appropriate the gold color for a magical Christmas. This dust of gold scattered on the white tree helps to reinforce the magic of Christmas and the tree to shine brightly. Chic and precious, the Christmas tree is dressed in gold and white. Balls, stars, hearts, cages and golden medallions adorn the white tree to create a refined atmosphere. The splendor of the golden ornaments lights up your interior. Precious and elegant, dressed in golden garlands and gold balls, the tree becomes a chic and elegant piece of jewelry.

An inventive Christmas tree

The conception of the tree evolves. Now, it exists in trompe l'oeil and invests the walls. Far from the traditional green fir tree, the Christmas tree changes its habit and imagines itself in less voluminous and more inventive versions. Christmas tree stickers, gift stickers or Christmas ornaments, dare a design Christmas tree in black, silver or red on your walls by choosing original and ultra trendy stickers. The revolution in the Christmas tree is the tree Christmas chalkboard sticker. This sticker is applied on a smooth and flat surface for a magical result. You can thus include your personal messages for the Christmas holidays. The stickers of stars, caribou, fir trees, toys, Christmas phrases help to create a festive universe between fantasy and creativity. Golden, silver, red or black, the tree is original and trendy.