Video: how to make an origami garland?

Video: how to make an origami garland?

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For Valentine's Day, why not decorate your living room with a garland dotted with little hearts? met Véronique Pulby - alias Chipie la Galette - a Lyon designer passionate about creative leisure. Through his videos, fill up on ideas and tips to make original decorations, which do not require either being an expert or putting your hand in your pocket! Today, Véronique explains how to make an origami garland. A technique to be repeated with other folds or to decorate a room!

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What you need for your garland

- Origami paper - Plain paper - Cotton string - A pair of scissors - A ruler - A pencil

What to do

With origami paper and plain paper, make small hearts, following the different steps, and repeat with different colored papers. Then hang the stretched cotton string and position the hearts with the notches. Find out more!