Video: learn how to prune a rose with Alain Darroze!

Video: learn how to prune a rose with Alain Darroze!

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Do you want to prune your rose bush? Wondering how to do it? Alain Darroze shows you how to make your roses bloom again, after a first flowering. He explains his technique in this video, and gives you some precious advice.

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When should I prune my rose?

It is advisable to prune your roses around February and March, when the frosts are over. It all depends on the region in which you live. It is quite possible to prune your roses until April, the main thing being to avoid the days when it is very cold. In the case of non-rising roses, pruning must be done in August.

Which tool to use?

This operation requires a pruner. When cutting, take care to place the blade near the remaining wood. The cleaner the cut, the faster the wounds will heal. It is the same principle for all plants that need to be pruned. Before cutting, be sure to clean the pruner blade. This avoids any possible contamination from stems or diseased plants.

Prune a rose bush

Keep a handful of main stems when you prune your rose bush, and don't hesitate to shorten the woody shoots (the green shoots that turn into wood). This will encourage new growth. It is advisable to prune between the 3rd and 5th eye, but be sure to always stay at least 20cm from the graft point.

Pruning a climbing rose

One of the specificities of the rising rose is that it flowers several times a year. As such, take care to keep half a dozen main branches that will play the role of carpenter rods. As for the lateral stems, you can cut them at the level of the 6th eye, 40cm from the grafting point. Thanks to the advice of Alain Darroze, you can now prune your roses with peace of mind. Watch the video Learn to prune a rose with Alain Darroze on Produced by Minute Facile.