Reasons: mix and match!

Reasons: mix and match!

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Do you know the principle of mix and match? Perhaps you do not have the term but it is certain that you already use this discipline of the mixture of reasons as much in fashion as in decoration without knowing it. We enlighten you on this essential trend!

What is mix and match?

Whether in fashion or decoration, mix and match is the art of mixing patterns, different styles or how to no longer match the things that usually go well together. In fact, rather than staying in a shades of colors, we will opt for a very bright detail and instead of opting for a total design look, we will add for example a small baroque touch to enhance the decor and create our style. staff. In fact, the mix and match is about personalizing each style to make your home look like you! We then dare without complex associations of patterns rather than to match each to a solid in the same color tones.

The best of mix and match

But how to mix the patterns while remaining aesthetic? First the number one rule is not to overload your interior with patterns but rather to play with them in subtle ways using the accessories of the house. Then, be aware that some associations work better than others. We can without hesitation mix dots and stripes, and flowers with both. The idea is all the same to remain in a certain coherence while keeping a harmony of style.