Flower stories with Luc Gaignard

Flower stories with Luc Gaignard

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A true reference in the floral world, Luc Gaignard is a florist in the genes and in the heart! Bathing in flowers since his birth, he offers daring compositions but he has also created an original concept: "ô colored", a new way of presenting bouquets in colored water. Meet.

Tell us about your background.

Son of Angevin horticulturist, I have always been immersed in the world of plants. At the age of 17, I turned to the classic florist training sector via a work-study vocational certificate at Moulié in Paris. Then, I worked with the great Parisian florists to complete my training and discover different styles and techniques. In 1998, at the age of 22, I opened my workshop where I made bouquets for flower lovers that I began to seduce. In 1990, I opened my first shop at 13, rue du bouloi (Paris 1 °). There, I begin to assert my contemporary / urban style by bringing plants into Parisian apartments. My credo: to revisit the conventional bouquet by creating "colorful ô" and above all to reconsider the potted plant by working on the container and the content by imagining the poly-box.

How do you work on your compositions?

I always favor the possibility of discovering new plants and often the other side of their anatomy. To sum up, I am interested in the flower from head to toe. Foliage, structure, stem morphology, curve ... Of course, star flowers all have their place (roses, peonies, lilies, hyacinth according to the seasons). And freshness and robustness are always in order. Generally, I opt for visual simplicity. You know the little black dress that goes everywhere but takes all its chic with the accessories that make all the difference. Also, a large part of my work consists of making compositions for product launches or international events. This commissioned work is a door that opens me each time to new inspirations.

What is the ideal bouquet?

The one we notice. The flower is a skull. She exists to be admired, she is a star. I hate bouquets that go unnoticed. A bouquet must be present, it has a role to play in an interior. It brings color, freshness and fragrances. A good bouquet at home is a bouquet that lives, changes color, fades while remaining beautiful until the last day.

Is there a trend in flowers?

Yes. Flowers are created continuously and arrive regularly on the market. The latter may or may not appeal to florists. I would say that the white flowers are the essentials, they are the insurance of "without fault". Exotic flowers are part of a world still little exploited by florists and I like to use them for their good behavior and their colors. I also like to treat the foliage like a flower. Some have very complementary graphic assets. Revisiting a carnation while discovering a new variety is always nice for this unloved one.

What are the right associations and which ones to avoid?

The simplest associations. One to two varieties, it is the insurance of the little black dress precisely. Working with a color gradient is often a safe choice as well. Avoid mixing flowers of different outfits because the evolution of the bouquet will not be happy. Some flowers such as bulbous continue to grow in water and it is important to take this into account. But I am very open to mixing exotic flowers with garden flowers. On the other hand, the exercise is more difficult!

Do you have a tip to make the flowers last?

Choosing the freshest flowers possible is the best way to keep a bouquet for a long time. Changing the water and cutting back the stems are also factors that help keep the bouquet in a vase. An aging flower always looks fresher in a clean vase filled with clear water. Otherwise, there are some grandmother's tricks like the copper coin for tulips or the aspirin tablet but I am not convinced…

Can you advise us a garden where to see very beautiful flowers?

There are multitudes of gardens in France which are masterpieces produced by enthusiasts and I believe that the visit of a garden is a pleasure of discovery not to be missed. But to see flowers, a flower market is ideal. The Amsterdam flower market is very rich in choice in all seasons. Find Luc Gaignard on www.lucgaignard.com and at the addresses: - 13, rue du bouloi Paris 1er - 71, place du Dr Félix Lobligeois Paris 17th