Mistakes to avoid with your balcony decor

Mistakes to avoid with your balcony decor

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Having a balcony is a major asset, especially if you decorate it in order to make it a living space as pleasant as your interior. Today, many brands offer furniture and decorative elements to furnish their balcony. Because it is visible from both inside and outside, your balcony must be well decorated. Don't be too crazy! Here are the mistakes to avoid with your balcony decor.

Error N ° 1: Choose a decoration that is too showy

Before choosing a fluorescent decor, know that your balcony is visible from your interior but also from the outside. Also it is recommended to protect yourself from the gaze of others by placing a blackout panel, privacy screens, plant walls, an arbor or even a pergola. Once it has been privatized, you can decorate it. Choose your outdoor furniture and decorative elements according to the size of your balcony and its shape. Make sure you have the right to arrange your balcony and that nothing protrudes, especially from neighbors.

Mistake 2: Overloading the balcony

You will be using your balcony, so don't overload it. Make sure you can move from one end of the balcony to the other, access the table if there is one, be able to water your plants easily or simply be able to maintain this living space. Not overcrowding your balcony is also a question of aesthetics. As for your interior, choose a sober decor that suits you. The simplicity will allow the decoration of your balcony to be kept longer. You can of course bring color or fantasy through an ephemeral decoration made from green plants, flowers or table linen.

Mistake # 3: Do not tune the balcony to its interior

Your interior opens onto your balcony, so it is essential that the decor is coordinated. Also be aware that your bacon is visible from your home, usually from the living room or dining room. Make sure that the colors chosen match. If your interior is very colorful, opt for a more sober balcony and vice versa. If you play with the materials inside, do the same outside. It is the same with the Zen or nature decor.

Mistake N ° 4: Do not choose decorative elements designed for the exterior

Decorating your bacon is good. But adapting decorative objects is better! Equip yourself in signs that offer outdoor furniture and decorative items that can be subject to the vagaries of the weather. If you choose wooden furniture, make sure it is varnished and waterproofed. Table linen, shade cloths, ottomans and cushions must be embellished with waterproof and easy-care outdoor fabric. Finally, even in the choice of natural and artificial plants, you have to do the right thing. Prefer products designed to be placed outdoors, they will have a significantly longer lifespan and will keep a pleasant appearance.