Leather takes over the whole house

Leather takes over the whole house

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Leather is a bit of the “all-in-one” of decoration: textures, colors, shapes, it is available endlessly. We know it well in furniture, but this chameleon material also sneaks up on our walls, on the floor and even on bed linen and in the bathroom! This versatility has earned it a place of choice in our interiors today; it's simple, there is something for everyone: vintage-style sofa, upholstery in striking colors or even panels and wall tiles for a resolutely modern style. All you have to do is choose!

Leather sofas and armchairs: the essentials

When we talk about leather for decoration, it's invariably the sofa that we think of. Cowhide, calf or buffalo, real leather is certainly an investment, but promises at least 10 years of life for this flagship piece of living room furniture. Full grain, aniline, pigmented… There are different types of tanning of leather, which play on both its resistance and its finish. Full grain leather is for example relatively fragile but very flexible and has retained its natural grain and wrinkles, while corrected grain leather is sanded to obtain a homogeneous surface. On the design side, it is also the seams that make the difference: colors, materials but also the type of stitch used. Sellier sewing is particularly appreciated for its flat relief on the surface, ideal on models with a refined design, very popular in this fall 2013.

Decorative leather item, the new trend

Less common than sofas, decorative leather accessories are nevertheless starting to find their place in our interiors. Industrial inspiration now gives full latitude to put leather at the center of the decor, most often vintage in brown, coppery or caramel shades: mirrors framed in leather, baskets and other boxes or wall sconces and animal skin-like rugs . As for furniture, leather surprises us: the coffee tables are adorned with leather, just like the dressers, with stitched skins or wood-leather combinations. Likewise, the leather headboard, or more commonly in split leather, is installed in the bedroom for a cozy and elegant atmosphere. However, be careful not to abuse it: the 100% leather style is likely to tire you!

Leather to the walls!

Do you find your white wall a little sad? Why not dress it in leather? Cuir au Carré, specialist in leather and imitation panels, offers a very wide range of tiles to allow you to compose an original and trendy decor yourself. In squares or rectangles, of different formats, these panels can easily be placed on all kinds of supports: on walls, but also on the floor and even on a door or a sideboard! As for colors, leather and imitation are available at will, in purple, azure, garnet, taupe shades… Even the bathroom benefits! Sheathed on a PVC support and treated to resist water, leather can also be installed in damp rooms, with tiles and panels, at D-Sign Leather for example. And to play the originality thoroughly, opt for a leather “parquet”, with slabs to lay in the form of slats!

Imitation leather prints

If real leather and imitation are everywhere, these materials remain relatively expensive. To adopt the leather spirit without breaking the bank, there is an option: imitation leather prints. You can thus offer you a bed set imitating the grain of the leather or some cotton, polyester and PVC cushions that will deceive your eyes but also your hands! Finally, the imitation leather wallpaper makes it easy to decorate a wall in your living room, for example, with skin-effect or grosgrain leather looks. Don't forget the wall stickers, easy to apply and practical to remove!